Soma Studios launches new website

On August 15, 2012, Soma Studios has launched its new website ( “We are excited about the new launch,” says Gregory Rzeczko, CEO of Soma Studios, “we’re ready to take on lots of new work and make some great websites. We love what we do, and our goal is to create award-winning websites and make our customers happy.”
Who could have predicted that a communications system (the internet) designed to serve scientists and the military, would one day change the world of how we share information and conduct business. Today, having a business without an online presence; is just about as having your business not listed a couple decades ago in the Yellow Pages. With more demand for an online presence, there are more web-development firms. “Which web development firm is right for me?” one may ask. There are many web development firms that may suit a person’s needs, but according to Gregory, “The internet is Soma Studios’ football field, hockey rink, and boxing ring. At Soma Studios’, we treat our job as a blood sport. We want to create the best, and to be the best; we fight to be the best. With many years of experience, we have not yet met a challenge we couldn’t handle. We are well aware the internet is a competitive market, and we have the skills to not only create a great website, but bring much exposure to it as well.“
The internet has become a worldwide marketplace for anyone to sell goods or services to anyone around the globe in a matter of seconds. Do you own a business or have an idea, and no online presence? You can be missing out on lots of business and exposure this very moment, and with a competitive market on the internet, as Gregory mentions, hiring an A+ web development studio, such as Soma Studios, is necessitous for today’s world.

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